Freelance Editors Work from Home

Freelance Editors Work from Home


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Freelance editors can work at home when they have time. Editors work with large companies or webmaster that need help proofreading the content they put on their websites. There are always people looking for editors to proof e-books, press release, sales letters and even content that is supply by multiple numbers of writers. Editor positions range in pay from $10 an hour to almost $40 an hour. This depends on the size of the project and the company or person who hires you.

As an editor, you will be asked to proofread many different documents. You can work for one particular company or you could find jobs through bidding sites. Many companies outsource work through job-classified sites such as and You can discuss the price of the work with each individual person or company. The average proofreading project is easy if the writer was native to a particular country.


Some proofreaders edit magazine articles before they are submitted for print. These jobs are priced higher because they usually require a degree in journalism, but this is not always true if you have experience with a proven record of accomplishment. Even if you have no degree, you should apply and submit a resume with your accredited skills and a reference from another satisfied client. You will find that most companies look at accomplishments and a reference letter more so than a degree.

Freelance editors can work anywhere they have access to a computer. The nice thing about this type of job is that you do not need to do any research, so as long as you have a laptop, you could work anywhere. If you take a vacation, you can still work. There are many reasons why work at home moms enjoy working at editing positions and the freedom to move around and still work is just one of them.

Freelance editors will do various duties, but the majority of the work is reviewing and editing articles and other documents. It is not uncommon for a editor that works from home to have multiple clients. This way, you have a consistent flow of work. You may also have different pay scales for each client. Not all clients offer the same amount of money, although you can negotiate the price before taking any project.

As a freelance editor working from home, you can expect to meet different clients. Some will be easy to work with and some will be difficult. The important thing you must remember when working with a difficult client when working as an editor is that they may want you to do something that is not proper as far as grammar or proper English are concerned, so you must try to explain this problem to them.

Always keep in mind that the reason that they hired you was because they could not do the editing work themselves. You have to keep this in mind if they ask for something that you know is wrong. This will not happen very often, but it does happen. You have to deal with strict deadlines, but as long as you can work anywhere, you have more time than you realize to complete editing projects rather quickly.

Some moms work outside, at kids sporting events and even while waiting for the doctor appointment. This is the perfect job for someone that needs flexibility and has kids running around all day.


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