How To Keep Your Sex Life Active With Your Partner

How To Keep Your Sex Life Active With Your Partner



Wonderful as it is, you won’t get to the blissful peak until you remove from your consciousness the phantoms of darkness that have destroyed your respect for sex

Be Sporty

Without sacrificing due reverence for your partner, be sporty and agile, of course, not as though you were an athlete on the field. Sex is not a sport or a demonstration, yet you need your sporty energy and spirit in this ritual of no observances. Eating too much just before sex or taking excessive alcohol tends to make the system dull and without spirit. You must be fully conscious of the infinite joy of the sex periods. You should be able to enjoy every feeling you have in every inch of your body; you should be able to feel the warmth of blood that flows underneath your skin. You can’t have this full experience with an over-fed or drunken body. Some people drink to pep up their enthusiasm, they will tell you that, to them, sex is a mere mechanical performance. What a sheer waste of resources.

Be Kids Once Again And Have Fun

Take off those ‘I’m Mr. so and so’ coats and be yourself. You are young and by every measure youthful. You are a child longing to be nursed, longing to be loved tremendously, and longing to be petted. Inside you are an ever-youthful spirit, a never-dying soul. Remember the games of your youth; bring some of these games into your holy bed just for the two of you, then go on and have fun. In sex, you die a little when you have organism and are re-born. This is the elixir of life and the secret of youthfulness. Develop your game into a holy romance. In one such game, the couple took the game of ludo into their holy bed.

Whoever won demanded his or her partner to take off one item of his or her body clothing. In this way, they won themselves into a romance of perfect joy. Mimic children, talk and talk like children, play like children; be the big children that you are and give yourselves a little pampering – all that pampering that you did not have. Be silly a little – with flashes of ‘its nice, isn’t it?’ rhetoric.

Relax and Tell Your Body To Do So

This is not a race and, if even it looks like one, it has no ending so take your time to have a big start. You may start by doing some yoga exercises or massage each other with a mild good scented oil to stretch and re-stimulate your bodies. That done, sit down quietly and watch your bodies relax. A useful technique for relaxation is to do a few breathing exercises in which you breathe out to the count of 4, hold it to the count of 2, then breathe out to the count of 4. This is known as the 4-2-4 breathing. Relax in-between the sessions; especially when she loses moisture or when the male organ gives up midway. Let go penetration or thrusting at such times and touch the deeper sacred places in you.

Explore eternity together

This is wonderful experience. You will certainly enjoy it when you do it. Let eternity wait while you enjoy infinite eternity. The technique is as follows. Sit on a chair, floor or the tip of your bed. Let your partner sit on you. Wrap your feet around each other if possible. Hold each other tightly and breathe in and out together for some time. Next, take time to discover the fragrance of your breathe and enjoy each others breath. Then, close your eyes gently and float, in the infinite fragrance of each other breath, into eternity. Be in eternity and explore the indefiniteness of eternity; the solemnness of your being,

Make It A Wonder Trip

Another variation of the above guideline, but which comes with incredible results, is to assume a comfortable sitting or squatting position with your partner on you. Wrap your feet around each other as before but this time let his erect penis be inside you – that is, if there is an erection. Let there be no shoving, just sit and feel the gentle waves of energy that surge through your body. Listen to the subtle cries and yearnings of your body, mind and soul; direct all passions into the constant prayer of the heart and spirit. Don’t shove, be still but be constantly aware of your bodies and spirit amalgamating into one whole. Thank God for His presence as love and then, if you may, rock gently, feeling the touch of Mother God in her while she feels that of Father

God in you. Be still for brief moments and give thanks. Discover in this, your divinity and infinite capabilities.

Leave The Baggage Of Vampire Passions Behind

Now this is the only instruction, a specific rule that must not be taken lightly. Comply with it at all cost and help make our world a better one.Sex is a creative energy and anything you take into its field is instantly supported by the power of creativity. It must be a lovemaking so that our world may be filled with love. Take to the holy bed your vampires of hate, anger, jealousy, hurt, memory of betrayals and bitterness of all sorts and they will soon become substances of reality in your life.

Of our world is such a state of deterioration, it is because of the lack of awareness of this vital information. You generate evil psyche in your home and affairs if this rules is not observed. In the spiritual world, likes and likes and if the aura of sex (remember it is your creative energy) is evil, it will draw many of its likes to you. Never take the vampire passion to the holy bed. Many a man or woman whom has claimed that by having sex with a particular person their fortunes have reversed are not wrong if the bed has been shared with these vampire passions. The evil thought may have been in you before you went to your partner or might have been in your partner at the time of sexual congress. The creative energy of sex creates what you hold in consciousness at the time of its celebration.

Make time each time for contemplative meditation or solemn prayer before you jump into this new world. Attend to pressing tensions, worries, fears or anxieties that are plaguing the mind.

When You Get There

When you get to the holy bed, take time to do everything; take time to touch and listen to the movement of your touch or the touch of your partner. Smell each other. Make eye contact that says to your partner, ‘you’re in heaven, I’ll like to be your friend,’ speaking to each other in tones that seem to say to your partner ‘transcend this body and win’. Be ashamed of nothing; sing or laugh if you like doing so. Listen to your senses, to the new music of pleasure it sings; feel and discover your sense.

Direct your partner by eye contact, body movement or gentle sighs and words, to wherever your body yearns for a touch those sports gently or in the manner you like most. Leave the past and the future and be present in your body. Let the world wait, the gods are at worship.Leave anxieties behind; do not be anxious for an erection or intercourse and entertain no expectation for orgasm.

Let things just flow and feel the magic, the electricity that runs through you, uniting you. There are infinitely new things to discover in your partner each time – find one each time. You are in a sacred moment, respect what you are doing and do not be an actor. There is no one to impress but you yourself. Be present with your partner and not in your fantasies. Be attentive to the moment of your partner’s orgasm and enjoy it. After orgasm, do not leave each other while the spiritual electricity of creativity surrounds you; hold each other in love. Lie in a comfortable position so that you can hold each other longer, strengthening the bond of your union.

Make regular time for this wonder of the universe. All your efforts are to reach out to your being, and this is the moment of the deepest communion with your being. Feel the gratitude of your heart and spirit with each lovemaking. Above all, know that you are creating whatever is in your consciousness in the hours of lovemaking.

Let Sex Be God’s Blessing To You

When sex I recognized for what it is – a holy and divine creative power of God in you – it will instantly become a blessing in your life. Sex express love more than anything else you can imagine; it gives you the desire to go on in life for much longer, even towards immortality. Sex, divinely employed, makes you better and better, nurtures and strengthens you. Sex is a journey into the infinite. It gives you the liberation that comes only from the mystic union with all life through the union with your partner. Sex is the overwhelming celebration of your divinity. Respect it now and always and allow its energy to flow out from you to heal the world and enrich it. What can break a marriage when its sex life is holy and perfected?

How Often?

As advised, there must be no rules. What is important is that you make time to enjoy the glory of God in your sexuality. Make sure at such times that you are not disturbed and that you have complete privacy. If necessary, unplug the telephone and settle the children. Usually such available times are in the night. If it should be in the night, make sure that you are not overly tired.

A gentle look at nature reveals that a woman releases just one egg in a month. In one ejaculation, however, a man releases an average of fifty million spermatozoa, enough to populate a whole nation. Nature does not create such a waste; it releases so many sperms because the journey to the sacred egg is an arduous task and many fail on the way. However, not all sex acts are for the purpose of procreation. Sex is for spiritual procreation as well. Attainment of the spirits of peace, love, health and holy visions could also be the purpose of the sex act.

A woman may freely reach orgasm as many times possible, but for the man, it is a waste to ejaculate more than four times in one month. The ideal situation is to ejaculate once a month. Remember that every spermatozoa released has spiritual capability to form a whole human being. These are inner disciples and they love your dearly. Pray before each sex act, and during ejaculation or orgasm, feed your disciples (the released sperms or the orgasm energies) with purpose.

Never waste you sex energy; convert them to other creative energies. A prayer like ‘May the love of me flow forth to bless this planet with peace, ‘said with a concentrated thought is very effective. Your target may be any person or condition other than the planet Earth.

Keep Up The Fire in the Passion

Never quench the spirit; life is romance. The egg in the woman is sought after millions spermatozoa. That is what the woman must always be. She must present herself such that she is always sough after. She must be seductively mysterious like the egg she carries; vary herself such that her man does not quite know what to expect in the next lovemaking. Sometimes she must present herself commonly and at other times expensively.

Too much of explicit exposure destroys the mystery. Even though your man has seen your nakedness several times, hide yourself sometimes as though he has never seen it before. For the man, know that your woman love surprises; find where she may be taken off guard and woo her over and over. Find from what sense your woman receives communication and woo her often from that sense organ. For example, a woman receives communication from sense of hearing will love you say ‘I love you’ than buy her flowers. If possible, take trip away from home; the change of venue can spice up the passion.

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