How to make him realize he’s losing you | Relationship Advice – Carlos Cavallo

How to make him realize he’s losing you | Relationship Advice – Carlos Cavallo



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How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You… 3 Tips

Maybe you feel like he’s taking you for granted…

Maybe you feel like he’s not appreciating your relationship…

Maybe he doesn’t notice all the ways you love him…

Maybe – it’s time to wake him up!

Before you end a relationship, you want to know that you’ve given it your best shot. You want to see if you can wake this guy out of his stupor and get him to see what he has in you.

That’s what we’re going to focus on here – How to make a guy realize he’s losing you. I’m going to give you some specific ways to hint to him that he’s messing this up.

And while it might feel really great to break up, and then have him come crawling back to you, that’s not something you want to risk. Especially if he might find some other woman in that time apart…

Of course he was all into you and paying attention at the start of your relationship – before you two had slept together. That’s when a man is MOST motivated – when he’s working to get you into bed.

You might even be tempted to think that he’s only in it for the sex, but that would be a HUGE mistake, too. He wants a relationship. He just needs the right kick-in-the-butt to realize he could lose this relationship.

Before we jump in, I have to show you this:

The #1 Mistake Women Make when it comes to getting respect in a relationship…

This mistake comes up because of how you were probably raised and socialized. (And not by your parents, either!)

You see, girls are taught from a very early age that Go Along = Get Along.

Unlike male friendships, which are usually based on shared interests in hobbies and activities, the key to female friendships are self-disclosure and emotional support.

Both of which are often mutually incompatible with demanding to get your own needs met as a woman.

There are women who take the opinion that you need to be liked by and become friends with everyone. SO MUCH that they won’t turn away even from super crappy relationships.

That’s an extreme you should obviously avoid.

Women are brought up to go along to get along. And it’s imposed as THE rule of all female friendships and social cliques.

So be sure to take a good long look at your own habits. Do you fall victim to this kind of thinking? Are you easily manipulated by your need to be liked and approved of?

If so, you’ll want to root it out and manage it. Because it can often lead you into very unhealthy relationships – or prematurely end the good ones.

Now, let’s get right into it with:

Make Him Realize He Could Lose You – Tip 1: Let Him Eat Hot… Nothing.

Sometimes the biggest wakeup call for a man is when he starts to sense a change in the dynamic of the relationship.

You see, there is a place in a relationship where a guy thinks he’s got the upper hand. It usually happens a few weeks after we sleep with you.

WARNING: I’m generalizing a bit here. But I’m also going to tell you “like it is” and not be “politically correct.” That’s why you’re here – Carlos tells you the TRUTH.

A guy will lose his interest if it’s too easy for him…

Which is why you have to find a place to BACK OFF for a while.

Go “dark” on him.

What I mean is, stop answering his calls and texts for a few days. Give him a little reason to WONDER.

Maybe even… worry.

If you feel a bit uneasy about doing that, remember that he’s doing it because…

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How to make him realize he’s losing you

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