How to Woo the Woman of Your Dreams: An Overview of Three Different Types of Men that are Out There:

How to Woo the Woman of Your Dreams: An Overview of Three Different Types of Men that are Out There:



Most woman say that they want a man who is nice and has a decent sense of humor, when men hear this they say that is just a bunch of nonsense. The reality of men and women and what women want is to have a man who is able to perfectly fit the definition of the word fanciable. This word means to be nice and to have a sense of humor as well but it also means to be able look and or act like a million bucks even if you really don’t have all the money in the world to spend.

When it comes to women there are some out there in which all that they care about is money and they ruin it for the rest of us but then there are the rest of us which money may be nice but it isn’t everything. Having nice things is just that, nice but being materialistic and just throwing money around is a major turn off.


You also don’t need money to look good so just take some time to care for yourself and have pride in your appearance. Looking good shows confidence and that is the number one thing women look out for. If you have confidence then you will already start to woo your woman.

As for men there are three main types of them, there are those who are referred to as the average Joes, there are those who are just above average and enjoy falling in love and then there are those who are just in love with flirting all of the time. There are more kinds of men than these three types but these three types seem to be the most common types when it comes to guys that are shy. Those men who are average joes can go one of two ways, they will either do things to make you happy that are just a given like flowers on a date or roses on Valentine’s Day, or they will not mind just hooking up with a girl and that is it, so they woo and leave.

Then there are the men who are higher than those who are average Joes and with these men they do not mind to go above and beyond and they are very easy to fall in love with and to fall in love themselves. Some signs to look out for are if they get stunned or stutter with looking at you or talking to you; perhaps even if they just like to always look at you because of your beauty. Lastly there are the men who are just deemed as a pig because all they do is flirt.

The main reason men love to just flirt and flirt is to remind them that if they wanted to get a girl they could. For those women who flirt back they are called fanciable as well and for those who don’t the men think that they should be grateful anyways. Simplicity of wooing your dream woman is to be yourself but to be the best you that you can be and show her the real you.

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