Relationship Advice Q&A ? Staying in Love & Negativity

Relationship Advice Q&A ? Staying in Love & Negativity

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hey! so a lot of you guys requested jimmy and i do another video together so we thought i would be fun to do a relationship advice q&a! we’ve been together for 7 years and so we thought we have enough experience to give some advice! we got a lot of questions so we tried to answer them all but we only got to 4 or 5 and the video started getting really long lol! but we can definitely do this again if y’all found it helpful!

Also i’m going to be in NY this week for my birthday!!!!! WAHH!!

+ Questions/topics we covered!
1:00: long distance topic and tips!
4:18: negativity vs. being real. Tips with dealing with each other’s bad days!
8:18: relationship breaks, being in love with vs. loving someone, tips on how to cherish and love your own life!
11:54: taking each other for granted!
15:27: how to stay in love with each other
18:11: what are you favorite memories together

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