Sexy Body Language

Sexy Body Language



Misunderstandings between a man and a woman can be avoided in many cases if you know the body language of each other. Now you have an opportunity to become acquainted with some peculiarities concerning the sexual behavior of women and men. This information will help you in all situations when it is necessary to communicate with the opposite sex – at work or on a romantic date.

By the way, the body language is the same for all people, even if most of us use it unconsciously. The words can be turned, speech can be juggled, it’s not difficult at all. But with the body language, everything is different. Some scientists believe that it does not lie at all. Others say: no, it can lie, but it is much harder to do than lie in words. Tests have shown: women understand the body language of other people better than men, but men find lie better and faster than women.

Do not be surprised if in this article you recognize yourself. Maybe you will see how you misunderstood the actions of the opposite sex, forced yourself to suffer or upset others. It is no secret that misunderstanding of male and female behavior leads to emotional conflicts and emotional devastation. After reading this article you will be able to do something with this to avoid such misunderstandings.

There are some special characteristics in the sexual gestures of women and men. If a man, as a rule, wants to impress only one particular woman, then a woman often wants to impress all men, but of course, all depends on a person and his personality.

There are a lot of sexual gestures. For a woman are characterized the following sexual gestures:

• feeling a man’s look makes a movement with her hand to fix clothes, hair (smooth the hair or just touch them);

• a sharp head movement to throw hair off the face or from the shoulders to the back. Even women with short haircut instinctively use this gesture;

• periodic tilting of the head, and then a slight tilt of it to the side;

• during walking, the back is straight, the breast is set forward, the hips rhythmically sway;

• in the sitting position – slow crossing and straightening of legs;

• hand stroking of the knee or thighs;

• crossed ankles;

• in the sitting position – one leg of a woman is bent under herself. This pose means “I feel comfortable with you”;

• swaying the shoes at the fingertips also means that a woman feels comfortable and free with you. With these movements, the toe of the shoe or the knee is directed at the person to whom she is interested;

• demonstration of the wrist – a woman who is interested in a potential sexual partner will periodically show him the smooth, delicate skin of her wrists;

• a good, flat posture;

• an intimate look at a combination with a smile;

• she smiles slightly, then lowered her eyelids and looks away (coquette’s look);

• slightly open mouth and moist lips;

• stroking a cylindrically shaped object (for example a cigarette or glass);

• a quiet low voice;

• if a woman really likes a man, she tries to sit closer to him than to the rest;

• when talking with him, a woman leans forward more than a man;

• if a woman likes a man she does her best to create an eye contact with him;

• viewing herself in a mirror in the presence of a man;

• demonstrative use of lipstick in the presence of a man (in this way a woman tries to turn him on).

For men are characterized their own sexual gestures:

• the legs are widely spaced, whether a man standing or sitting. It is clearly visible in the metro, where men, especially the young, often sit opposite women with widely spaced legs, it looks like they demonstrate their “equipment” (demonstration of the female genital area is a biological instinct in many primates);

• his look does not stop at the face, but slips all over the body of a woman, “undressing” it;

• the palms lie on the hips;

• by his hand he straightens hair, tie, shirt collar, lapels or touches the throat;

• when he sees a woman he likes, he straightens the shoulders, plays with muscles or stretches.

Common sexual gestures for men and women are:

• one or both hands are on hips;

• the legs are wider than usual;

• long intimate look with a hint and a “spark”;

• if a person looks at you and his/her pupils begin to expand, that means that he/she likes you, but if you do not see this reaction, most likely, you do not have any chances to be with this person. Not for nothing they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and sometimes they can show much more than any words or even actions;

• the first look of “eye to eye” last no more than 4-5 seconds;

• women mostly look at the shoulders and hands, and if there is a possibility, then on the legs and buttocks. Men first value the whole figure, the style of clothes and, finally, their eyes fall on the chest, then on the waist and hips;

• when an object of interest enters the intimate zone, the body is not removed, vice versa – a person tries to find a contact in all senses of this world;

• when future lovers feel comfortable together, they turn to each other in such a way that the lines of their shoulders are parallel;

• copying gestures of the object of interest. At the same time, they move in a common rhythm and look into each other’s eyes.

We hope these tips will help you to understand the real intentions and feelings of your partner. Please, share your own observations and life experience with us.

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