Three Very Important Dating Tips: A Decent Yet General Rule of Thumb to Follow When it comes to Dating:

Three Very Important Dating Tips: A Decent Yet General Rule of Thumb to Follow When it comes to Dating:



Dating is different for everyone; some people have really high expectations, this is either because they are spoiled or do not know better, then some people have really low expectations, this is mainly because they just don’t care for fancy things all of the time; a simple picnic or walk under the stars will do just fine.

Then there are those people who are kind of stuck in the middle with expectations that are jumbled up together, this means that they do have a taste for the finer things in life, but knowing what is affordable and what isn’t helps to keep things in track especially when it comes to a long term relationship.


With all of the being said hopefully you now know where you stand and can consider the three following tips whenever you go out on a date because no matter where you stand these rules will always help you get the one you love, these plus being yourself.

Looks are not everything, they may be the first thing you see but the way someone dresses and or looks does not automatically define how they act or who they are, although you can come away with a safe guess of one side of who they are.

The first tip to follow when it comes to dating is to always remain confident, no matter what happens it is best to always show confidence in everything said and done just do not be rude about it all, be happy, nice and proper. Confidence has been found to be desired by women more so than looks, this is because confidence shows interests which is what leads to a better and bigger relationship than someone who is stuck on themselves.

The second tip to dating that you need to consider is as simple as your ABC’s, in retrospect these deal with being agreeable, your body language and of course communication. A is for agreeable and on a date you both should be agreeing with each other, this is what shows you are getting along; you should not be rude but you do not have to agree with everything said. B is for body language, a lot more is expressed through the body than people know but you should be friendly and open with what is being said at least; do not stare at each other’s assets, stick to looking at each other’s eyes. C is for communication and this should be down either with the phone, e-mail or any other way.

The third tip to consider when it comes to dating is that no matter what you should always be honest. Being honest allows you to not waste your time as well as to not waste their time. Honesty is the key for building a relationship that will last and that is filled with attraction, happiness and so many other wonderful things.

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