Two Comedy TV Episodes to Make You Smile

Two Comedy TV Episodes to Make You Smile



Why do we love Comedy TV serials so much? Because of the sense of humor they impart to us and make us laugh. In this article, I share two comedy episodes of different serials to make you smile and brighten your day.

Here they go:

1) The youngest COSBY kid, Rudy makes a deal with her Dad that if she helps to clean major portions of their home, her Dad will donate to her $700 to buy her Mommy a diamond necklace on her birthday.

So Rudy is really serious about this. She starts cleaning her own room, makes her bed, cleans the closets and vacuums the carpet. Her Mommy notices her efforts and appreciates very much. Her Dad is behind her only and is ready to blurt out the secret but Rudy gives a secret signal, Shhhhh! When she starts cleaning the closets of the kitchen, her Mommy is taken up by surprise but encourages her all the same. Finally when she touches the refrigerator to clean it out, her Mommy is moved and gives her two dollars.

Rudy says to her Dad, “I will buy you a birthday present with these two dollars.” Disappointed Dad again wants to blurt out the secret. But Rudy signals again Shhhhhh! Finally according to their deal, Rudy does buy her Mommy a gorgeous diamond necklace on the occasion of her birthday. Seeing Mommy so happy who had guessed everything by now, Daddy also smiles happily.

2) Jealous Jennifer frantically wants to date although she is only twelve years old but her family holds her back. When her elder sister Malory’s boyfriend comes to pick her up, Jennifer picks on him and asks him to date her. Malory is taken up by surprise and so is her boyfriend. But they leave out her alone in the house with her family and go dating happily.

Meanwhile Jennifer dresses in an expensive looking gorgeous red dress, puts a mala around her neck, wears ear rings and finally puts on make up with red lipstick on her lips. Dressed so elegantly and maturely, Jennifer is sure she will beat her sister and win over her boyfriend.

She takes her bike and rides to the nearest bar where she knows she will find them. It is not hard for her to spot the couple and pulls a chair to their table and stars flirting with Malory’s boyfriend extensively. Malory’s boyfriend doesn’t like Jennifer dressed the way she is and he says it openly. Jennifer gets mad and calls out, “Waiter, my bike!” Everyone at the bar starts laughing at Jennifer’s gestures and Jennifer rides home, red hot, fuming.

Summing up, these two comedy TV serials’ clips come to my mind at the moment. I hope with all my heart they made you smile so that you can go on with the rest of the day still smiling and delightedly.

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