Working at Home as a Survey Taker

Working at Home as a Survey Taker


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Many companies employ people to take a survey and reflect on product performance. Often you will register at malls or other places such as the Internet and the company will contact you when they have products and services they need reviewed, or surveys they need completed. This has been an ongoing part of business for many years now.

Today, things have become more convenient. Surveys can be designed and posted online. The incentive stays the same though, as money is a great lure. Now with the Internet, the marketing companies are able to reach more people, produce more surveys, and thus, pay more people. This makes taking surveys, another great option for at home moms looking to earn money.


Survey options abound online, but only a few are real. There are several things these companies have in common. The first is that registration is required before you are paid for the surveys. You will need to disclose some important information. This would include name, address, and home phone number. This will enable them to contact you regarding any personal survey options. This also gives them a place to mail checks, if that is the payout option of choice. If you are not registered at a site to take the surveys, you are not working for a company that will pay you money, and you may be at a scam site.

There will also be a need to file the W-9 tax information for United States residents. This will be due to filing taxes. Not every company will be filing taxes on every survey taker, but many have limits that if surpassed, they do. This will enable the paperwork to be filed for you, should it become needed. If this is the case, they will provide you with either a 1099 or a W2. Each company being uniquely designed, they will disclose this information to you, once you are a registered and an active survey participant.

Another component to identifying if a site is a real marketing company that conducts surveys is through the contact information on the site. They should provide an email address, postal address and phone number. Call the phone number, if it has several phone options, find the one that best fits customer service, or survey questions. Ask them about the years they have been in business, and about how many surveys they conduct on a regular basis. This is important information that will tell you if this company is legitimate or not.

The surveys are often only available for predetermined periods of time. This enables an accurate and timely sampling of the pool in question. From deadline to presentation, the results are analyzed and prepared for presentation to the company they are surveying. With that information, the marketing company is able to formulate the vital responses a company needs to create a better product or service.

Most survey companies will announce the availabilities to you through your email. This means your email account needs to be active. You may want to have a business email account. By limiting your business contacts to one email address, you are able to register for as many companies as you would like to, and be able to find the emails, without the need to sort through personal email.

As with many other jobs available online, it is something that can be done within the confines of your everyday life. As long as deadlines are met, you are able to complete as many or as few surveys as you so desire.


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